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Hey folks - it's time for Activity Check! For Asgard's AC, players need to check in and provide their own activity. Using one of the two forms below, please post a comment to this entry. All players must comment, even if their character is exempt. Characters who aren't posted at all during the AC period will be dropped from the game. Characters whose journals have joined the comms but who haven't posted on the taken list will also be removed. If you got accepted with a character but didn't ever join the comms / post to the lists, you no longer have claim on that character as of the end of AC.

Exemptions to AC requirements will be made for the following:

Characters who have been on hiatus for at least two weeks of the month.
Characters who were accepted during the current AC round,
Characters whose muns have serious extenuating circumstances and have talked to the mods about them (as in, if your Grandma died or you had no net access or something, we'll work with you - please talk to us!)

If you are on hiatus during the entire AC period, you will be given an extension on commenting until the end of your hiatus. You must comment here within 48 hours of your hiatus ending in order to pass AC. For this rule and for AC exemption, your hiatus has to have been posted on the official hiatus page. Hiatuses only posted in the OOC comm or not posted at all don't count.

The activity requirement for non-exempt characters is 30 comments from your character across at least 3 different posts. For more clarification on these requirements, please refer to this post. (SPECIAL NOTE: For characters in Vanaheim this month, multiple threads in that same log WILL count as separate AC proofs!)

Also required on months with a game-wide HMD will be a link to your comment on the HMD Meme. If you didn't comment to HMD during the posted dates, you'll automatically receive a strike. (This IS required for September and is located here!)

Characters who don't have enough activity will also receive a strike. This strike will be erased by two months of passing AC. If you receive a strike in September, it will last through October and November, but will not apply in December. Characters who receive two strikes will be dropped from the game. In other words, characters who fail activity twice in three months will be removed. Essentially you get a second chance if you fall behind once, so make use of it when you can. If you wish to take a strike on purpose, you still have to comment to this entry. You can use the non-exempt forms and in place of links to proofs, just tell us you're here but want a strike for that character.

In short, all characters in the game need to be posted to this entry, but exempt ones don't have to post links and ones without enough activity can take a strike and stay in the game. Exempt characters are welcome to post activity if they have it, though -- it won't count against them not to, but it might make your proofs a little easier to find for Leveling Up! That said, please select the proper form and reply to this entry.

For Characters with Activity
For Exempt Characters

Activity must be posted by 11:59PM CST on October 2nd, 2013.
Activity proofs can be from any time in the month of September!

The following characters have existing strikes from July, and will be swept if they fail AC this month. These strikes will be cleared by passing September AC.

Alice Liddell ([personal profile] digophelia)
Annie Cresta ([personal profile] brokennotmad)
Ash ([personal profile] mullets)
Buffy Summers ([personal profile] called)
Eugene Fitzherbert ([personal profile] guidethesun)
Karkat Vantas ([personal profile] cancerousgeneticist)
Rupert Giles ([personal profile] watchher)
Sherlock Holmes ([personal profile] could_be_dangerous)

The following characters have existing strikes from August, and will be swept if they fail AC this month. These strikes will be cleared by passing both September & October AC.

Alastair Stara ([personal profile] secondborn
Caterina Sfroza ([personal profile] canmakemore)
Eyes Rutherford ([personal profile] bloodypocket)
Nina Fortner ([personal profile] imhome)
River Song ([personal profile] hullosweetie)

As always, if any mistakes have been made, please let us know!
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Mun: Kates
Character: Owen Burnett ([personal profile] servesthehuman)
Canon: Gargoyles
Activity: THREAD 1 (Sept. 6), THREAD 2 (Sept. 13) & THREAD 3 (Sept. 15)